Sunday, June 28, 2009

National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association. Who are we?

The pie chart is a result from a National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association questionnaire that was sent out as a part of a fourth reminder for renewals to the Association. The results were taken from May 2008 to May 2009. These results show that the NMLRA has something in it for everybody. NMLRA members are diversified and have many interests but all are based around that one common object, the Muzzle Loading Firearm. While NMLRA represents many different groups of Muzzle Loaders the key is that the NMLRA has been here for them over the past 75 years. The fight against ever increasing restrictions on black powder is always on going and the NMLRA has been a leader in this area and will continue to do so but now a new front is opening up against the Muzzle Loading enthusiast. Lead is being banned for hunting in many states and across Europe, it truly is time to "join or die" . If you use lead round balls or bullets for any of the activities listed in the pie chart or you just want to make sure others can it is time to join the NMLRA. Go to and join us in the fight to keep our shooting sport alive for generations to come.