Friday, February 19, 2010

NMLRA Board Member Buddy Townsend runs for NRA Board of Directors

  Okay NMLRA members here is your chance to show support for one of your own! While Buddy has served the NMLRA well for several years on our own Board of Directors here is a chance to support him as he makes a run for the NRA  Board.  He needs 65,000 votes so get out there and show your support by helping him with this endeavor. Our organizations already share many common interests while serving separate and distinct segments of the shooting community involvement of this type can only further the interests of all shooters in the future. Get out and vote!

Mr. Marion Townsend
Muncie, Indiana
NRA Benefactor Member. Nominated by NRA Nominating Committee/Member Petition. NRA Black Powder Committee member. Experienced in law enforcement as Indiana Probation Officer for 22 years; 13 years teaching public school and university-level Criminal Justice courses.  Boy Scouts of America Shooting Sports Task Force member. As nationally recognized muzzle-loading cannoneer, developed curriculum for standardized artillery safety course. Provides historical artillery education through living history and numerous national magazine articles. Endorsed by National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association. NMLRA Benefactor Member and NMLRA Board of Directors since 1996, including 8 years as an Officer.  Committee Chair, Curator, & Fundraiser, NMLRA Museum, 2002-2008. Liaison for NMLRA Museum and NRA National Firearms Museum for exhibits. Multiple muzzle-loading shotgun national and state championships.  Avid, lifelong hunter of large and small game. Award-winning custom muzzle loading rifle maker. Awarded Distinguished Hoosier by Governor of Indiana. Inductee, Honorable Order of St. Barbara. Member, Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels.
I hereby affirm that the above statements are true. 
Marion Townsend